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A richer life.

Achieve your financial goals, protect your assets and enjoy life!


Independent advice.
Better portfolios.
Results that say it all.

Archer helps Canadian families achieve their financial goals. Take advantage of our expertise and turn your dreams for the future into tangible actions today.

See how our specialists can help you achieve financial success.

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Portfolio managers, financial planners, financial security advisors and actuaries: our team combines expert knowledge for your success.


Our approach is straightforward: we apply proven best practices methodically. This discipline is at the heart of our performance.


There are no hidden costs and no unpleasant surprises because only your interest counts. Our specialists are also independent of any outside influence.


We are partners in your success. No matter how complex your family, tax or financial situation, we take the time to understand your issues.

planning. performance. protection.

The 3 pillars of financial success

To reach your financial goals, our specialists follow a proven roadmap.

1. Financial planning

Do you have personal and financial goals in mind? Now you need a personalized plan to achieve them. Our financial planning approach takes into account the full scope and complexity of your situation. Through a simple and methodical process, we analyze all facets of wealth management that apply to your reality, in order to develop THE right plan.

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2. Portfolio management

It's the results that count! Thanks to index investing, we are able to build personalized, diversified and high-performance portfolios, always at a low cost for our clients. It is not for nothing that most pension funds today rely on this method, while 80% of traditional managers struggle to beat the indices!

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3. Life & Health Insurance

Insurance is rarely fun. Although it is not recommended to spend money on unnecessary protection, it is risky to underestimate your real insurance needs. Our experts take the time to analyze your situation in order to present you with solutions adapted to your reality and original products in complete independence.

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