By clicking "Accept", you agree to the storage of cookies on your device to improve your browsing experience on our site, analyze the use of our site and analyze our marketing activities. See our Digital Data Policy for more information.

Digital data policy

Why have we adopted this Policy?

Our goal is to be transparent with you. That's why we've adopted this Policy, which describes how we use cookies when you visit our websites. You can change your preferences and refuse our use of cookies at any time. 

This Policy complements ourPrivacy Policy. These policies give you an overview of our privacy practices and your rights.

Please note that this policy only applies to our website.

What is a cookie? 

Acookie is a small electronic file that your browser installs on your device when you visit a web site. This file allows us to remember certain information (as described below) so that we can recognize you when you visit our websites.

The word "browser" here refers to the software that lets you access the Internet, such as Chrome or Firefox. Device" refers to your computer, smartphone, tablet or any other device used to access the Internet. 

Cookies can betemporaryorpersistent:

  • Temporary: files are deleted from your device once your browsing session has ended and your browser closed.
  • Persistent: files are stored on your device until they are deleted.

In this Policy, the use of the term "cookies" refers to all similar technologies that allow us or our partners to analyze a user's browsing and device data.  

What type of information can be stored in a cookie file?

With your consent (unless it is an essential cookie), a cookie can store the following information on your device on a temporary or persistent basis:

  • The point of origin of your visit to our websites (e.g. social networks, e-mail, other websites, etc.). 
  • Your activities on our web site (e.g.: day and time of the start and end of your visit, pages consulted, clicks, forms started or completed for product registration, etc.).
  • Advertisements and links you click on
  • Your browser type and version (e.g. Chrome or Firefox)
  • The type and version of your device's operating system (e.g. Microsoft or iOS)
  • Type and model of your device (e.g. phone, tablet or computer)
  • Any other information that you provide to us when using our websites (e.g. language preference and login details) or that allows us to respect your preferences regarding the use of cookies. 

The IP address is not stored by cookies, but may be transmitted to our partners when you authorize the use of cookies. The IP address is the numerical code used to identify a device connected to the Internet. The IP address can be used to locate the region where a device is located and to identify the Internet service provider associated with that device.

What types of cookies do we use and for what purposes?

With your consent (unless it is an essential cookie), a cookie can store the following information on your device on a temporary or persistent basis:

  • Measuring and analyzing the audience and improving the browsing experience:These cookies enable us and our partners to better understand your use of our website and their performance in order to improve your browsing experience. For example: to understand where you came from to visit our website, or to compile traffic statistics (e.g. pages visited and browsing patterns). 

    • These files are deactivated as long as you do not authorize them. If you refuse them, you can still access our websites.
  • To propose offers and services that better meet your needs, or to propose them to groups of customers with similar interests. For example, they record the pages consulted on our websites, your interests and the links you follow, in order to propose offers and services that correspond to your interests. These files also enable us to measure the performance of our advertising campaigns.

    • These files are deactivated as long as you do not authorize them. If you refuse them, you can still access our websites.

We also use essential cookies: These cookies are essential for the proper operation and security of our websites. For example, they enable us to secure your connection, personalize your interface (e.g. language selection) and store your cookie preferences.

  • These files are mandatory. You cannot disable them.

Who installs cookies on your device?

When you authorize the use of cookies on your device, they may be installed by us or by one of our partners. 

Third-party cookies installed by our partners allow them to access the information contained in these files (e.g., your browsing statistics). Our partners handle this information in accordance with their own privacy and cookie policies.

How long do we keep your cookie preferences?

We store your cookie preferences on a device for 6 months. Once this period has expired, you will again see the banner explaining the use of cookies.  

This period may be different for certain browsers, such as Safari or Firefox. After a fixed number of days, these browsers automatically delete all cookies, including the one that remembers your cookie preferences. You may therefore be presented with our banner more frequently if you use one of these browsers. For more details, please consult your browser's user guide.  

You may see the banner again if you delete the cookies yourself or if we make changes to our websites. 

How can you manage cookies on our websites or change your preferences?

At any time, you may refuse cookies that are not necessary for the proper functioning and security of our website(required). You can also change your preferences or accept cookies again from thePrivacy Preference Center.

If you refuse certain types of cookies, the content you see will not be personalized according to your interests. If you refuse them, you can still access our websites.

How do I delete the information stored in cookies?

To delete cookies, you need to clear your browsing history by selecting cookies in your web browser. Consult your browser's user guide to find out how to delete cookies manually.

Your cookie preferences are modified in real time from our banner. However, changing your preferences does not erase information already stored by other cookies. 

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Social media platforms and third-party sites

We have a presence on certain social media platforms, such as Meta and LinkedIn. When you interact with us through social media, you do so according to the terms and policies specific to these platforms.

Our website may contain links to websites or services that do not belong to us. When you leave our website, this policy also ceases to apply.

Carefully read the privacy and cookie policies associated with social media platforms or other websites and services before providing any personal information. 

Contact us if you have any questions about our Digital Data Policy and practices.