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Portfolio management

Better portfolios. Better results.

A pragmatic approach for better performance.

Archer uses an index-based approach to structure a perfectly diversified portfolio tailored to each of its clients.

Did you know that, like us, most pension funds also use indexing to build their portfolios? The reason is simple: this approach generates above-average results!
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Diversified, you say?

We invest in all sectors, in the world's major stock exchanges and in over 1,400 bonds.

Minimizing taxes

Nothing is left to chance in order to minimize and defer your tax bill as long as possible.

Succeeding with discipline

There is no need to predict market movements to take advantage of them. It is our rigor that makes all the difference.

You know everything

Our clients know what they are holding, the returns they are getting, how much they are paying us and why.

Better portfolios

We invest exclusively in index funds. Our portfolios are made up of the largest publicly traded companies in Canada, the United States, as well as in international and emerging markets, i.e. more than 7,500 companies in over 50 markets. In order to balance our portfolios, we also invest in more than 1,400 government, provincial and large Canadian company bonds, again through index funds.

Balanced portfolio

A richer retirement

We eliminate hidden or unnecessary fees that have a corrosive effect on your returns. That way, your savings work harder for you - not your financial institution - and grow faster!

$300,000 more in your retirement*.

* Starting portfolio of $250,000 and annual contribution of $25,000

Your money is in the bank!

Archer takes the safety of your assets seriously. They are in your investment account at National Bank Independent Network.
BNRI is a division of National Bank Financial Inc (NBF), a wholly owned subsidiary of National Bank of Canada. NBF is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund and is also a member of and subject to the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada.